Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords- What Should You Select To Boost Sales On Your Dropshipping Store?

Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords? Which PPC advertising platform will bring more value to your store and boost your sales. Find out now.

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are considered the top competitors in online advertising. As a new entrepreneur or dropshipping business owner, it can be a difficult choice to pick just one for your business.

However, there are many points to consider but in this Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords post, we’ll cover the most basic differences that’ll help you decide which method is more suitable for your dropshipping business.

First, let’s see the facts and some differences between Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: the differences

While there is a heavy debate about selecting Google Adwords or Facebook Ads for online advertising, it all comes down to your budget, vision and the main objective. Where Google Adwords can help you reach an approximate 2.6 billion searches per month, Facebook has an average of 1. 3 billion users.

Here is a live counter you can check to see the number of Google searches right now.

Now, both of these PPC advertising methods can either bring great benefits or be a total failure. It all depends on the type of product or service you offer and your advertising strategy as well. To help you avoid the latter situation, I’ll compare Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords so that you can make a wise decision for your dropshipping business.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: product or service

Is your business offering a product or a service? Are your target audience businesses or individuals? While both Facebook Ads and Google Adwords work great for both, it is a no-brainer for B2B and B2C model.

Google adwords: for B2B model

If you have a product or service catering to other businesses, Google Adwords is the de facto leader for your PPC advertising. A general rule of thumb suggests keeping 90% of your advertising budget for Adwords and the rest for Facebook Ads.

Then, you can analyze the metrics and see how it works for you. Facebook may even surprise you with great results.

Facebook advertising: for B2C model

For most drop shippers, Facebook Advertising is an ideal choice. Want to know why?

Well, for starters, Facebook Ads have a lower CPC (Cost Per Click/Impression) as compared to Google Adwords and can help you get connected to a larger audience based on different demographics that include their profile information, likes, and interests.

This means you can start your Facebook Ad for as low as $5 per day and still reach at most 1K users based on your selection of targeted audience. Further, Facebook has an edge with the user data for all their accounts that can help you in better Ad Optimization.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: the objective

Now, this is the core thing where most people go wrong. Deciding your objective; that is the agenda or the goal for your advertisement is a determining factor for your advertising platform. Are you trying to create brand awareness or increase sales?

Once you have a definite objective set for your advertising campaign, you can go ahead with the platform selection.

Here’s a quick tip:

Looking for Brand Awareness? Go with Facebook Advertising.

Want to Boost Your Sales? Google Adwords is just right for you.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: your PPC advertising budget

As cliche as it may sound, your advertising budget matters. Those good old days are gone where you could get Google clicks for mere pennies. With an increasing competition from Facebook and its likes(LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), the cost per click has massively increased.

If you have a narrow budget and looking for more ROI, Facebook Ads is your best bet. You can select your audience on a granular level and target the right people who’ll see your ad.

However, let me tell you one thing. Though the CPC for Google Adwords is quite high, it is nothing when compared to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), you’ll get in return. I’d suggest you think of it as an investment and try with Google Adwords if you’re looking for a better ROI.

“Google adwords CLV > Facebook CLV.”

If your goal is to improve the sales, Google Adwords boasts with a conversion rate of 2% as compared to Facebook which is known for impulse shopping. Google Adwords is based on user search and hence, your audience has more intent of purchase than Facebook users.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: the A/B testing

Remember, smart entrepreneurs do not become smart overnight. Believe it or not, they are also guided by their failure and learn from their mistakes. With PPC advertising, no matter which platform you use, you’ll have to perform testing to see how those ads work for your business.

Unlike what others may suggest you, try both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for your dropshipping store. For instance, for your B2B business, direct 90% of your Ads on Google and the rest on Facebook.

Then retarget your audience on both platforms to capture the audience attention for your brand and products.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: a quick round up

Let me share a quick round-up to decide the winner for Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords for your dropshipping store.

Facebook ads will outshine google adwords when…

  • Your products have a unique value and can be targeted to a specific audience.
  • The main goal is to create brand awareness and recognition.
  • You are appealing to the masses.
  • Your Advertising budget is relatively low. (Facebook offers quite low CPC as compared to Google Adwords).
  • You have a creative genius to create ads that’ll engage the user with your product or service.

Google adwords will work best for you when…

  • You have a product or service that solves a problem or meets user needs.
  • As people are searching for the “product” themselves, the probability of conversion is higher with Google.
  • If you’re targeting businesses or organizations, Google Adwords will work more effectively for you.
  • Even text ads have a better conversion rate with Google which is built to drive customers and cater to their needs.
  • Google Analytics is a powerful tool you can use in conjunction with your Ad campaign to get a better insight of what is bringing better ROI and which ad is just eating up your campaign budget.

In conclusion

Now, I hope you have a clear winner for your dropshipping store advertising in your head. As you may have noticed above, there is no single winner in this Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords challenge. It all depends on your business and the end goal you wish to achieve.

So, have you decided which way to go or need some help? You can also check this great infographic I found or just drop in your questions or any suggestions in the comment section below. I’d be happy to help.

‘Til Next Post. Happy WooDropshipping.

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