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Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Woocommerce Dropshipping Store

We handpicked 7 of the best WordPress WooCommerce plugins to make your dropshipping store more awesome. All of the must-have plugins should be added to your store for better performance.

Running a WordPress Woocommerce store is not at all a simple process, it involves many factors that decided whether it will be successful or not. There are multiple plugins online that support the Woocommerce platform and enhances your dropshipping experience. Not only limited to that it improves the user experience along with the conversion rate resulting in better sales output.

Plugin adds useful features to your store, which is quite difficult to add manually through coding. Plugins are categorized according to their specific task and come in a large variety. Some plugin offers free service whereas others require a monthly or one-time fee to access their service.

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Top 7 Plugin For WordPress Woocommerce Store

In this article, we have handpicked some useful plugin that you could easily add to your dropshipping store to make your work easy and as well as to increase your conversion rate.


If you are someone who needs an invoice for your all orders placed on AliExpress our recommendation would be to select AliBilling for this. We all know AliExpress doesn’t provide invoices for the orders placed on its website. So in order to keep every order organized and to clear official processes like customs and tax filling invoices would turn out to be a great relief.

AliBilling is not a free plugin even though they offer a free trial version to get familiar with their plugin. There plans range from 20$ to 60$. 20$ for their 3 months plan, 35$ for 6 months and 60 $ for the yearly plan. All the plan comes with unlimited invoice generation feature.


WooDropship is a plugin that allows you to import products from AliExpress to your store with a single click. Manually importing products is a time-consuming process and there are chances of inaccuracy while importing. WooDropship is a premium service that includes a lifetime subscription to avail their services.They offer a plan for $89 which include multiple services.

3. Beeketing

Beeketing is a plugin for Woocommerce eCommerce sites. It helps increase the conversion rate of the store. Beeketing basically follows the customer that lands on the stores and tracks its behavior to analyze the customer experience on the site. It helps in improving the customer experience and drive the traffic in such a way that it gets converted into sales.

4. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a plugin that helps in better analyzing of your store. With MonsterInsights you can do advance analysis on google analytics easily, which would be quite difficult to set up without a proper developer. MonsterInsights is a paid plugin. Pricing ranges from 99.50$/yr to 399.50$/yr depending upon the features offered.

5. Constant Contact

ConstantContact is the best email marketing tool that can be easily added to your WordPress site to manage your subscribers and to deliver a top-quality email campaign. Constant Contact contains top-quality templates for making your email campaigns look professional. They have 2 plans 20$/month and45$/month and the per month fees depend upon the number of contacts.

6. Crisp

Crisp is an online support plugin that you can add to your WordPress dropshipping store. It is very easy to set up and is also quite user-friendly. If you want an easy and good looking chat support plugin Crisp is a thumbs up from our side. Crisp is a freemium service it is free for small stores that need the basic customer support feature, whereas crisp’s premium service has 2 option 25$ and 95$ monthly plan. Premium service is for those dropshippers who have a lot of incoming traffic.

7. WooCommerce Multilingual

When you are aiming for an international market, your site should support multiple languages to accommodate non-English customers. WooCommerce Multilingual helps in translating the content on your dropshipping store to the native language of the user so that the user experience of your potential buyer increases.

These were some handpicked plugins that we recommend you to embed in your WordPress WooCommerce website to run your dropshipping store more efficiently and to significantly increase your conversion rate.

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