Like any dropshipper, do you also wonder how to convert your Facebook followers into customers? Well, you have followers. Maybe a hundred or hundreds of thousands of them. But the main problem lies in the fact that they are just your “followers” and not your customers?

If you have thousands of followers but no sales, something is definitely wrong here and I am here to help you resolve that and convert your fans into buying customers. There are many things that can be done to make this conversion and bring sales through to your dropshipping business.

Let’s begin with a few in this post:

Convert your facebook followers into customers: create exclusive coupons for your followers

If people liked your Facebook page, you’ve already won half the battle. It means people are interested in your products. They already like you. However, you have to give them something that will make them feel special and what better way than sharing some exclusive coupons with them?

Yes, you can convert your loyal fans by creating exclusive coupons meant only for them. For instance, share a post that says:

"It’s the Weekend Guys. Use Coupon Code WEEKEND20 and get exclusive $20 off on all your purchases. Happy Shopping!"

Now, please note here what you have done is created a sense of exclusivity for all your followers and only they can avail the offer who know about the coupon, i.e., your Facebook followers. You should also add a visually-appealing image with the most trendy products you have in your dropshipping store.

This will entice your followers to use the coupon and buy the amazing products from your store. Also, promote this coupon as a “followers only exclusive deal”. This will generate more CTR as people will love to take advantage of the exclusive deal meant only for them.

Convert your facebook followers into customers: give people a reason to buy your products

People don’t come to Facebook to make purchases. They come to find some interesting stories or posts. More intrigued they are with your posts, more they’ll love your products and buy them. Rather than focusing all on your products, you should tell people how they can use it or enjoy with your products

Better yet, create a story around it and sprinkle your products within the post. When people will see what they can do with your items, they are more likely to purchase the item. Moreover, this will give your product a human value and give people a reason to make the sale.

Below are some of the ways you can give people a reason to buy your products:

1. Tell a Story: Instead of evangelizing your products, you should create a story around it. Don’t tell people about your products. Share how they can use the product or how fun and cool it would be to have your product in their life. When they’ll see what they can do with it, they will be interested to buy it.

2. Use Visually-Captivating Images: Facebook users skim rather than reading the whole post. You can make your post shine out by using visually captivating images and keeping the text short. Posts with images get shared more and communicate a clear message in one quick glance.

3. Solve a Problem For Your Followers: Nothing will encourage your followers more than telling them how your product can solve a real problem for them. If they think your product is beneficial to them, they will definitely purchase it.

Convert your facebook followers into customers: find balance with your posts

Should you write engaging posts, personal conversation, inspirational quotes or promote your products? This is a question that comes in the mind of every Facebook Business page owner more than once.

If you keep on posting funny images or posts, it’ll keep your followers engaged but might not make any sale. Is there any point doing so then? Well, you can’t even keep on populating your page with promotional posts. That’ll make people run away from you.

What you need to do is strike a balance between your posts and keep your followers engaged and intrigued. Ask personal questions. Talk like a human to them. People love talking to people and not businesses. Meanwhile, make things interesting and build a story around your products or ask people about their opinions.

This will give people a chance to engage with you and help you know their interests, likes and dislikes better. Use this information to make your Facebook Ad Campaigns more effective and useful.

Convert your facebook followers into customers: create a sense of belongingness

This is a human need. Every person wishes to belong to some place, thing or a group. This sense of belongingness makes a person feel invited and welcome in another world or community they can call their own. Build a community around your brand and invite your followers to engage in conversations with each other.

When people will feel they are a part of some community, they start relating themselves to your brand and become loyal consumers who even advocate your brand among their own social groups. A sense of belongingness felt by your followers is a crucial step that will make them purchase and repurchase from you time and again.

Convert your facebook followers into customers: host a contest

What’s the best way to engage and bring more people to your page than hosting a fun contest on Facebook? Makeup some unique and fun contests and invite your fans to join and participate in the event. It can be anything from sharing a few lines about their favorite product from your store or clicking an innovative selfie.

The ideas are endless. You can also declare a “Fan of the Month” for your page and give them a special discount code that only they can use. While these are just only a few things, they are actually a great way to communicate with your audience and keep them hooked to your brand.

Convert your facebook followers into customers: share customer testimonials

People trust people and not businesses. Keep this in mind and share what your customers are saying about you. Do you have any customer reviews or testimonials? Cash in with your existing happy customers and share what they think about your products and brand on your page.

When your followers will see how other people are using and enjoying with your products, they’ll want to experience a similar feeling of joy and happiness. Most Facebook users are known for impulse purchases and customer testimonials are your way to get a sale from them.

In a nutshell

86 percent of digital marketers are using Facebook as a platform to grow their businesses and boost their business revenue. You can also turn your followers into customers. All you have to do is think differently and engage your audience and build a community they love around your brand.

Show them what your products do for people and how it can make a difference for them and they’ll be buying products from you in no time.

Do you have some strategies up your sleeve? I’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

Happy WooDropshipping.