Bring Sales To Your Dropshipping Store With Inbound Marketing

A quick guide for the best inbound marketing ideas to generate leads and bring sales to your dropshipping store.

Are you looking for lead generation ideas to bring sales to your dropshipping store? Well, your search ends here.

Inbound Marketing is the go-to strategy for most successful drop shippers because they understand that the buyer’s perspective has changed over the past years. 2023 can be your year where you double the revenue for your dropshipping store.


Well, you’ll focus on inbound marketing to generate leads for your store. Before I share how you can do that, let’s cover the basics.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy which if done right can help you generate leads and boost your store’s revenue in half the time it would take with other methods.


Because in Inbound Marketing your focus shifts to educate your target audience and provide them with high-quality content tailored to meet their needs and offer them something of value. Inbound Marketing can be achieved by means of blog posts, forums, social media, videos, email and more.

Nowadays, people like to do their own research before purchasing a product or service. This changing trend can help you build your brand reputation and promote your products using high-quality content marketing.

Let me share a few quick reasons why you should adopt Inbound Marketing for your business.

Inbound marketing for your business growth

As discussed above, Inbound Marketing is a great and effective way to generate leads and grab the interest of a potential customer. With Inbound Marketing, you let the users find you based on their search query and interest.

Businesses looking for optimized marketing strategies should definitely think about Inbound Marketing as it helps to create trust factor and establish yourself as an expert in the niche domain.

Furthermore, it is your valuable content that drives the new traffic and potential customers to your store increasing your reputation as an expert in their eyes. This makes them feel in control of their purchasing decisions improving the chances of making the sale.

Now that we have covered, the basics of Inbound Marketing here, let me show you how you can deploy Inbound Marketing to maximize your store sales.

Inbound marketing ideas to generate leads in 2023

Create High-Quality Content

I think it goes without saying that your content can be the deal breaker or maker while converting leads for your store. With an array of competition out there, your content can make you stand out from the rest.

Focus on content which doesn’t just solve a problem but provides solutions and goes beyond the measure to help consumers decide what they are looking for. You can start with creating a blog section for your website. Maintain your focus on content related to your niche.

For instance, if your target audience is mainly men, you can write about topics they would find helpful like how to take care of your beard, or how to dress right for a black-tie event.

You get the picture, right?

Having valuable content in your store will bring the audience back to you for more useful tips and tricks increasing your authority in their eyes and giving your brand the boost it needs.

Focus On The Blog And Develop It Right

Blogs offer a platform to represent unique and consistent content. Writing about the things that provide relevant information to your viewers is one of the simplest ways to turn them into customers.

Also, blogs tend to rank faster improving the rank of your website in search engine result pages like Google, Bing, and others.

Here are a few ideas to create your successful blog:

  • Post content on a regular basis depending on your niche. A good idea would be to start with 2-3 posts on a weekly basis.
  • Create content related to your niche. If you’re selling scarves, you can post about different types of scarves or how to style 1 scarf in 10 ways.
  • Include internal links with the relevant topics on your blog.
  • Keep the Call-to-Action button visible for the user.

Work on personalizing the experience

Would you click on a generic email that looks automated?

Probably not.

Work on creating a personalized experience for the user. People want to feel loved and cared about. Show them you care about them by adding a personal touch wherever you can.

For example, you can send emails starting with a first name like:

Hey [first name], We’re glad to see you onboard with us.

Interact with them on your social media profiles and create engaging posts to make them feel like a part of the community.

Learn SEO for your website

Keywords play a big role in helping you get discovered by people. Think about your product and target audience. What would people type in Google to search for you? These words are called keywords and they play a big role in your SERPs ranking.

Find your primary keywords and create content around it. These keywords will help improve your SEO ranking and get you found easily. Imagine appearing on the first page of Google for your keyword.

That’s what Search Engine Optimization will do for your website.

Represent your brand as a human

People love to interact with humans and not brands. They’d love to hear what the people have got to say about your brand. More so, they’d like you even more if you act as a human with them.

Don’t be shy to represent your brand as a real person. It will bring in more inbound leads than when you interact as a boring business with them. This will help you create a lasting relationship with your customers.

Remember, it all comes down to people. People interacting with each other and discussing how they can mutually benefit each other.

Create engaging posts: polls and quiz are my favorites

Social Media Marketing in conjunction with engaging content can do wonders for your dropshipping store. Create content that entices your followers to engage and interact with the brand.

With Facebook’s new changes, the enhanced interaction will mean more exposure for your paid advertising as well. An example of engaging posts can be a fun poll or quiz to understand your viewers better.

You can even use the trending topics and news to your advantage for curating such content

Design a clear landing page

A clear and clean landing page has a simple design with a well-placed Call-to-Action button and a focused element of value. Don’t add too many elements or information on your landing page. Make it easy for the user to locate the next step quickly.

This will help you to achieve the desired goal whether it’s generating a lead or getting a sale. Also, keep the number of links to a minimum for your landing page and highlight your USP in as few words as you can.

Monetize your existing customers

Have you got existing customers and they’re happy with your service? If you just said yes, you’ve got a pot of gold right here.

Nothing builds trust in a brand than hearing or reading testimonials and reviews from real customers. If you have customers who are happy with your service or appreciate your product, ask them for a brief feedback or testimonial to post on your website and social media pages.

The easiest way to get the feedback would be by asking your clients if they’d write a short review about your store and service which you can then post on your store. This social proofing act can get you sales more quickly than any other outbound marketing strategy.

Another way can be to start Affiliate Marketing or Loyalty programs for your customers. For every referral purchase, you can offer them an exclusive discount coupon.

However, that’s not enough.

You should have products and a unique selling point that brings customers to your store and encourages them to share about you with their relatives, family, and friends.

In summary

So, here you go. These are a few of the many inbound marketing strategies you can implement right away to generate more leads and get the sales for your dropshipping store. Remember, Inbound marketing requires dedication and time.

Stay persistent and you’ll soon be converting those leads into evangelizing customers. Go ahead and get those leads now.

Are there any inbound marketing tactics that worked for you? I’d love to hear more about your winning strategy. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Keep WooDropshipping.

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