Numbers and statistics are a crucial part of a business model. Without proper numbers it is very difficult to plan the next move, the same is the case with dropshipping. In order to reach your customers, you need stats to calculate and plan your next move. Email tracking is a very essential part of marketing. It is very crucial to know whether your mail is reaching the endpoint or is it getting dropped in the middle. Have you ever thought why haven’t your response rate increase even after implementing top-class content in your email marketing campaigns? Email tracker solves this problem by letting you know whether your mail reached the desired user and other important information like open rates and click rates.

Benefits that Email tracking offers

There exist some important features that might compel you to get one email tracker for your WordPress Woocommerce dropshipping business.

Remarketing: Email tracking to a great extent help in deciding the target audience for remarketing. People who open the mail and click on the link but still don’t convert can be a potential buyer that needs to be retargeted. With an email tracker, you can sort out the required audience for your retargeting ads.

Email forwarding time: You can use an email tracker to finalize which is the best timing for forwarding your email campaigns. It is very important to know the accurate time because the open rates and click rates hugely varies on different timings.

Analysis: It helps in understanding what you need to change in your email marketing model. The response you receive after each email campaign can help you decide your next move to improve the open and click rates.

Best Email Tracker

There are multiple numbers of email trackers out there in the market, but we have listed some handpicked best email trackers that could help you analyze your email campaigning better.

1. Hubspot: Hubspot is the No 1. on our list due to its wide variety of features and easy to operate functionality. Hubspot can help you analyze your email marketing to the next level. You can get details like open rate, click rate and other important features with Hubspot Setting up Hubspot plugin for you Gmail is very easy. The only disadvantage that can be highlighted is its pricing. Even though Hubspot offers free service that includes some useful features but to avail their premium service a monthly 50$ fee needs to be paid.

2. Mail Track: Mail Track is a simple plugin that acts similar to the blue ticks of WhatsApp. With its free version, one gets to know whether the mail was delivered and was it opened or not. Single tick depicts the mail was delivered whereas double tick indicates the mail was opened. Their pro version includes some useful features like daily statistics on open rates, link click stats, etc. Their pro version costs 4.99$ per month which is quite cheap compared to other similar service providers.

3. Yesware: Yesware is quite useful for those who have multiple accounts for email campaigning. It is specifically optimized for Gmail and Outlook. Yesware provides some useful deep insights into email marketing. It provides along with open and click rates, other information like viewer count on every individual page of the document attached. Yesware is not a free service, it includes a 12$ monthly subscription plan that is necessary to use their service. They also offer a trial version that lets you use their service for a limited period of time.

4. MixMax: MixMax is another email tracker plugin. MixMax provides live notification, you get regular notification on your desktop whenever there is a new open or click on your sent mail. It fulfills basic requirements like open and clicks rate tracking, apart from that the main feature that MixMax offers is the ability to send out polls and surveys to the users. Their plans start from 12$ and range till 65$ based on different features they offer. They also offer a trial version if you want to try out their service.

5. Bananatag: It is considered one of the top 5 email tracker due to its various useful features. Banana tag offers some useful features like email scheduling and professional-looking templates for a better conversion rate. Banana tag is also available for outlook and the mail is sent through the Gmail or Outlook account server. Bananatag offer various plan and they all differ based on the number of per day mail limit. The free plan includes 5 mail/day, 12$ plan includes 100 mails/day and 25$ plan includes 200 mail per day.

These were some handpicked top quality email tracker that you could use to track the statistics for your email marketing. We believe that these services would help you increase your email outreach as well as help you drive up your dropshipping sales.

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