Everything You Need To Know As A New Dropshipper - Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Dropshipping Sales

A quick guide for everything you need to know as a new dropshippers and top tips to boost the dropshipping sales 10x faster. Find out the top expert tips now.

As a new entrepreneur, it can get quite intimidating to select what’s just right for your business. With so many suggestions and advice, there’s a lot that can go wrong. However, you don’t have to worry. In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know as a new dropshipper and effectively boost your dropshipping sales.

When you have just started your business, you might make a few mistakes in the beginning and that’s okay. These expert tips will come in handy to manage your dropshipping business like a pro and skyrocket your sales in little time.

Now, let’s get started.

Everything you need to know as a new Dropshipper: Expert tips to increase Dropshipping sales

1. Populate your store with products consistently

Quite obvious, right?

If you wish to attract sales, you need to have products in your store. However, adding just a few products is not enough. Remember, you have an online store which is directly in competition with a thousand others. You must keep on adding new products to your store that’ll generate more user interest for your store.

Further, listing new products on a regular basis makes your store look consistent and in with the latest trend. As a thumb rule, you can start off by listing at least 10 new products in your dropshipping store daily. The best part is that it’s extremely easy and just one click away.

Simply log in to your WooDropship account and if you have not already done so, install WooDropship Chrome Extension.

Next, select Go to AliExpress and search for the products you wish to add to your store. Just click import button to send the product to your Product Import List.

From there on, you can edit the product title, description, and other details and with one click, push the product to your store.

Easy, right?

Well, trust me it is. Now, don’t wait up and start listing amazing products to your dropshipping products today and keep in mind that consistency is the key.

2. Pricing strategies for your Dropshipping business

Has it ever happened to you whilst searching products for your dropshipping store wherein you really like an item but don’t list it because the price is too high?

Well, here’s a myth buster for you:

While most dropshippers are suggested to pick the low-cost products and price them at a higher cost to increase their profit margin, there is also a stigma attached to selecting a higher priced product. Most industry experts also suggest no one will purchase a high-cost product.

But here’s the fact:

I believe you should not shy away from adding a high-cost product to your store if you really like it and think it will attract your customers. There are certain products which are expensive and are still bought as a part of an impulsive shopping spree or adding to the collection. Think of it from your customer’s point of view.

If you have a dropshipping store selling vintage items, why don’t you add a $1000 worth vintage Barbie or some other toy? There may be a collector who is willing to pay the price and help you make the big sale for your store.

And the best part about Dropshipping is that even if you don’t make a sale, you don’t have any loss. For instance, if the product is not sold, you can always remove it without losing a single penny. And if you do find a suitor for your item, you’ll have earned a massive profit in a single sale.

Isn’t that worth it now?

3. Have additional suppliers on standby

AliExpress is a platform where there are millions of suppliers selling their products online. Now, I have seen many dropshippers making the same mistake and I don’t want you to become one of them. So, read this very carefully.

Imagine your first order. Yay! Someone has finally placed an order and now all you have to do is place the order with the supplier and he’ll take care of the rest. But wait a minute! What do you see here? The supplier has no items in stock. Now, you’ll have to search for another supplier or send an apology email to the customer with a refund.

While most dropshippers will choose the first method, it can be quite difficult to pick another supplier at last minute. So, in order to avoid this situation, you must be prepared beforehand. A simple rule would be to keep at least 3 suppliers for each of your product in the store. This will help you avert any unforeseen crisis for your store.

4. Promote your store and your products

Okay, so everyone knows the importance of advertising and promoting your store. But what’s new. Well, there’s a catch that most new dropshippers miss and by the time they realize the blunder, the ship sails.

In order to bring more traffic to your website, promoting your store alone is not enough. You also need to set up ad campaigns and promotions for individual posts. If not that, you should dedicate at least one post or blog on each social media page of your business. Further, you can also share some reviews or benefits of your product on Youtube as well.

This will help attract more people to your store, increase your SEO ranking and improve your brand credibility as well. Moreover, the probability of a sale going through will also increase if you’ll focus on individual products on your store and promote them with the same zeal as you promote your store.

You can try methods like Facebook Advertising, Instagram Marketing, Hashtags, Google Adwords, and the most cost-effective of all, Inbound Marketing as well to increase the sales of your dropshipping store.

5. Customer service: Customer is the king

Dropshipping with AliExpress is as easy as it gets with semi-automation from WooDropship and not worrying about inventory, shipping, packaging and other tasks. However, you must remember that your customer doesn’t know that there is a third person (supplier) involved and they’ll always look up to you for any queries or answers.

So, you should be well prepared for resolving your customer queries and helping them out until they happily receive their package. As an additional step, I would suggest you add a FAQ page to your store answering questions like the time taken for delivery, payment mode, shipping and returns policy and other general queries.

This will help your customers find answers instantly and create their trust with your brand. Always try to retain a customer for the lifetime with excellent customer support in your dropshipping store. This will in return improve your customer-business relations and increase loyalty in your audience.

Everything you need to know as a new Dropshipper: In a nutshell

If you have setup your dropshipping store just now, it’d be great to get WooDropship which will make things easier for you by automating the processes and keeping things like product stock and price changes in check. Further, you can also remove watermarks from images with the inbuilt tool in the dashboard.

It is just an amazing tool for both new dropshippers and experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to invest more time in business promotion and marketing strategies. Now, did you find these tips useful for your business?

Which one did you like best? Do share with me in the comment section below.

Happy WooDropshipping Guys!

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