Best Website Translating Tools For Your WordPress Woocommerce Dropshipping Store

We have listed the best website translating service that you could use to translate your WordPress Woocommerce website and attract users from different language backgrounds.

Presenting your products and website according to your customer’s preferences is the best way to succeed in the online market. A huge chunk of the online website is English based but looking at the language distribution across the world it can be said that the right audience is not served with the right content. People always prefer shopping from a website that is in their native language and whose content can be easily understandable. The language barrier results in many potential customers turning away from placing orders.

This opportunity can be used to yield maximum results from non-English native speakers, who generally prefer a website in their native language for better understanding. So creating an alternate option to access your website in their native language can really help you gain some potential sales and customer base as the competition in this area is relatively less compared to the website in English.

Objectives For Translating A Website

The website has multiple pages and content on each page can range from 500 words to 2500+ words depending on the type of page. Translating them is quite difficult and labor-intensive work and also the word to word translation also doesn’t work sometimes as the meaning gets changed while translating some sentences and this could lead to misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer. Therefore it is important to translate carefully so that mistakes don’t occur during translation.

There are numerous online free translators that can help you translate your website content to multiple available languages. But the problem arises is that the whole process is manual and time-consuming and also some translators are not fully accurate which leads to errors while translating. Therefore we are listing some paid as well as free translator service that can help you translate your website to any desired language.

Best Website Translator Service

Google Translator

I would like to start the list with Google translator which is the most popular one and free. Since Google is such a huge company and its translator is considered to be the most accurate one, it has topped my listing. But the main drawback of Google translator is that it is quite difficult and time-consuming to translate the original content to other languages. At the same time, Google has a large number of languages to select from compared to other services. Google translator is free to use which makes it the most economical way to translate your website. If you run a small dropshipping store I would recommend using Google translator for this purpose.

Google translator doesn’t work on the text in an image also you can't fully rely on machine-based translation as there are some limitations to translating some words. If you have a store that is making huge sales and has a large number of webpages we would recommend using our next tool.


Bablic is a language translator tool, which you can use to translate your web pages. Apart from that Bablic is quite easy to operate compared to Google translator. You just need to input your desired URL and will automatically translate the page. Bablic offers three options professional translation, self-translation, and machine translation. But the 14-day trial is limited to machine and self-translation, you cannot access professional translation. Bablic offers 3 paid plans; $29/month with two languages, $79/month with 7 languages and $299 with unlimited languages.

We would recommend using their trial version to get hold of what they have to offer. Using their trial version you can translate a limited number of webpages.


Smartling is also a translating tool used commonly by website developers to translate their website into any available language. It is quite easy and user-friendly to operate. Unlike other translators in the market Smartling also involves a human translator that ensures that no mistakes or errors are produced while translating the page. This is quite a useful feature as there is a chance of translation going wrong in the case of the machine. The problem with Smartling is that it is primarily designed for big businesses and its plans are quite expensive starting from $200, you can also get a custom plan by requesting a quote.

Hire A Human Translator

Hire a person yourself to translate your website is also a good option. The best thing about it is that you can find this option less expensive compared to other online tools. Since the whole process is done by human the chance of wrong translation is comparatively less and you can add additional information in it. The only drawback of this way is that it is a bit difficult to find the right person for your job, you either need a reference or need to search the freelancer marketplace to find the right match.

These were some free and paid way of translating your website into different languages, we recommend using the tool that is most appropriate to our business model and would help in generating sales and reaching a wider crowd. In order to ease your process, you can use WooDropship to build a WordPress Woocommerce dropshipping website as well as translate your webpage to different languages.

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