Best Product Genre 2023 - Highly Converting Product Genre And Products For Your WordPress Woocommerce Dropshipping Store

Get ahead of your rivals with our list of best product genres and products for 2023. The products and genre listed has shown good results in 2023 and is projected to yield even better results in 2023.

The trend is changing on a daily basis and staying updated with the latest trend is what you can do to yield the best results from your online store. Here in this blog, we would highlight some major niche that is trendy in the market and that has the potential to gain some valuable customers across the globe.

Us being the major importer of Aliexpress drop shipped product we would be targetting the main market in the United States and what are popular niches in the US. The latest stats show that the growing buyer base in the United States has shifted the focus of all major dropshippers towards the United States market. Starting from women’s clothing to sports equipment the US is the major buyer in the field followed by the UK.

Major Niches In The Market( AliExpress Dropshipping )

We would be targeting some popular niche as well as suggesting some highly converting products from AliExpress that you can dropship from your online WordPress dropshipping store.

jewellery and Accessory

jewellery and accessories have gained widespread popularity for quite some time. Especially the women’s category has seen some abrupt spike in the sales figure. This makes the jewellery and accessory segment a booming area for gaining some potential and valuable customers. 

1. Crystal Engagement Ring

Rings have been in trend for centuries. Needless to say, they have significant gifting and emotional value attached to it, which makes it an apt choice to dropship due to it widespread reach and customer buying potential. Especially the engagement ring keyword being the most search term across the whole genre of rings.

2. Vintage necklace

Vintage necklace is one of the few genres which have been seeing some major changes in their trend. Recently an article published showed that there has been a spike in the vintage necklace collection that been sold worldwide. The USA is the number one importer of such a valuable collection followed by the UK and India.

3. Handbags and purses

With the increased consciousness about fashion, people are quite leaned towards trying the latest accessories available in the market. Needless to say, bags and ladies clutches being the most favorite among the user base. Leather bags are the most famous fashion accessory among all age groups, from teenage girls to ladies in their early forties all are equally inclined towards these bags. Also, celebrities can be seen carrying these kinds of bags, which influence a large female user base. 

**Sport and fitness accessories  **

Fitness has become a booming industry in today’s time. Everyone starting from celebrities to youth are taking their mental and physical health quite seriously. Compared to old times people now are willing to dedicate a set amount of time to indulge in physical activities. These can be quite useful information for those who are planning to dropship products from this category.

1. Fitness bands

Fitness bands have converted themselves to must-have fitness accessories nowadays. The demand for having quality workout section has leaned the fitness crowds towards these bands which are quite useful in tracking your workout section as well as pushing you to the limits.

2. Resistance bands

For those who are looking to indulge in a workout at home is the main consumer base f this product. People, especially from the IT and other employment sectors don’t, have time to go workout in the park or gym, so they try to set up an exercise set up at their home itself to meet their physical activity requirements.

**3. Jump ropes **

A lot has changed including the way jump ropes are being used.  It is no longer used as a tool to warm up before an event. With the introduction of new training styles, jump ropes have been a major training equipment in the fitness genre.

Wireless Accessories

The wireless electronic accessory market has seen a major change in the last few years and the rate at which it is growing is definitely a good thing for dropshippers. Starting from youngster to aged generation everyone is moving towards fully wireless accessories.

1. Wireless earphones

In today’s time no want the old pair of tangled earphones every one is looking for a new pair of wireless earphones. Also, mobile companies moving forward with the idea of removing Aux from the phone leads to the whole consumer base for these wireless accessories.

2. Wireless Charger

With more devices coming with wireless charging built-in, consumers are adopting this new and convenient charging method. These chargers have options to charge phones, earphones, headphones and other similar electronic gadgets.

3. Wireless speaker

Bluetooth speakers have witnessed rapid growth in the audio genre in the past few years. Based on requirement s of the user Bluetooth speaker comes in different shapes and sizes. Their mobility feature is what attracts the user along with additional features like power bank compatibility and all make it a great companion for outings.

These were some of the best products and genre available on Aliexpress, we hope adding these products to your store would help in generating sales and as well as bring huge potential traffic into your store. In order to ease your process of importing products from AliExpress into your store, you could use our WooDropship plugin to import in just one click and also semi-automate your dropshipping process with our plugin.

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