The privacy policy is something that gets easily overlooked as it is not the first thing that pops out while setting up a dropshipping store. A developer is more concerned about the UI and UX of the store rather than focusing on a good quality privacy policy generator. Privacy policies have a significant role in your dropshipping store. Privacy policies can help you legally and in some countries, it is mandatory to have a privacy policy on your online store. Privacy policies are made visible to the user so that they get familiar with the policies of the site that they are about to use.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a document that states what information is taken from the user and how it will be utilized. This information generally includes the name of the user, address, card details, browsing habits, etc. A privacy policy also includes details like whether any information will be stored on the user’s browser like cookies and disclose if the information is being transferred to a third party and cause for it.

Best Privacy Policy Generator

We have handpicked some best privacy policy generator that you can use for your dropshipping store. This includes some free as well as some paid generators. Their pricing mainly differs due to the additional services provided by the seller.

1. Free Privacy Policy Generator is a free and simple tool to generate privacy policies. Policies can be generated automatically by answering some questions about your company. It only takes a maximum of 15 minutes to generate policy form They include several compliance verification tools that help in protecting customer’s privacy while minimizing your liability,

2. Privacy Policies is a freemium tool that lets you generate policies for your store. If you are generating policies for your non-commercial store it is free whereas for a commercial store it includes a 30$ one-time fee.

3. Privacy Policy Generator is the simplest privacy policy generator on the list. It includes no fees and no sign up is required to generate a privacy policy for your site. Using this site you can generate a policy within 1 min, answer the simple questions and the privacy policy is generated. It includes a simple-looking template for the policy.

4. Trust-Guard is not only limited to privacy policy generator, but it can also embed security badges to your store. These badges have superior value in gaining customer trust. Trust Guard is not a free service it includes a paid subscription to avail of their service.

5. Get Terms Get terms is a simple tool to generate privacy policy. It is a free tool that lets you generate simple-looking policies easily. Just fill out some basic information about your site and rest all is taken care of by GetTerms. It also has a paid version that lets you do extra with your privacy policy.

6. Terms Feed Term feed is a freemium service that lets you generate not only privacy policy but also other services like terms and conditions, EULA, disclaimer, return and refund policy. Their free service includes all the basic features that are required to generate professional working privacy policies. But their paid version has some extra features that give your privacy policy some additional protections at a one-time fee.

7. Iubenda Iubenda is also a policy generator service that also generates cookies policy. Iubenda includes both free and paid services depending upon the store’s requirements. For a single small store with some limitations, their free services can be availed, whereas big companies requiring policies for multiple sites would require to pay yearly fees ranging from 27$ to 129$.

These were some handpicked free as well as paid privacy policy generators that we would recommend you guys to embed in your WordPress WooCommerce dropshipping store to reduce your liability as well as informing users about how their information is being used.

Happy WooDropshipping!