Aliexpress has been quite popular among dropshippers and also among general consumers due to its cheap pricing and variety of product availability. There are many other factors that make AliExpress stand out from its competitors.

Even Though AliExpress is such a dominating player in its field it lacks in some aspects. Invoices being the main factor that concerns buyers buying from AliExpress. AliExpress is known for not providing an invoice for its orders and it sometimes becomes a headache for those who place orders in bulk like dropshippers who find it quite difficult to keep a track of all their orders. Not able to provide receipts for your orders in customs may result in a big problem during the delivery of the product if you are buying products for yourself. AliBilling invoice generator is a useful tool for downloading AliExpress invoices, but before proceeding further let’s find out the benefits of invoice keeping.

Benefits of Invoice keeping

There are quite some important benefits in keeping the invoice. RECORD: The first and foremost benefit of keeping the invoice is that it helps in keeping a record of all the orders placed, which can be very useful in tracking the sales figures of a company. CUSTOMS: Since most of the products shipped from AliExpress are internationally targeted and delivered internationally it is always recommended to keep a copy of the invoice for customs clearance as it is mandatory in customs to have an invoice copy for the product being imported. TAX: Keeping an invoice is necessary for filling your tax as the majority of governments across the world requires some kind of document to validate your tax. LAW: Sales invoice help protect small business from fraudulent and petty civil lawsuits. As invoices contain valuable information regarding the date of purchase and seller information it comes handy in situations like these.

Best AliExpress Invoice Generator

It’s quite clear that AliExpress doesn't provide invoices, we now have to find some alternate option to generate invoices and receipts to fulfill our financial and bookkeeping needs. There are only a few options available in the market that help in solving the above-said problem. But a service that can be totally relied upon is very rare. Therefore we have done the hard work for you by trying out all the possible options out there in the market to select the best one for you. Good news we found out one option that meets all our requirements and needs to solve all the invoice related problems. AliBilling is a chrome extension that generates order details with just one click. It is very easy to use and quite affordable too. Also, try out their trial version (no card details required and 5 free invoices) so that you can get an idea of what you get before subscribing to their service.

How To Generate Receipts From AliBilling?

AliBilling is a chrome extension that is very easy to master. It involves a few easy steps to generate your AliExpress Invoice. 1. The first step would be to install their AliBilling Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.

2. Once the chrome extension is ready, the next step would be to go to their official site and Sign Up.

3. After Signing up you will be redirected to a form, asking you to enter the details of the company. It is very important to enter the correct information as this would be displayed on the invoice. By default, a vendor name would be selected but you can change it according to your requirement.

4. Next, add information related to your company that you want to display on the AliExpress invoice. Don't worry you can add additional information using add attribute button. 5. Once all this information is set up, you can log into your AliExpress account. Under the order page, you can find a button “Download Order Detail” next to each order. Click on it and your invoice would get automatically generated and downloaded in a pdf format for you to take a print or to save as a soft copy.

Its that simple, 5 easy steps are all you need to generate your AliExpress invoice.

In conclusion, it can be said that AliBilling is easy to use and cost-efficient option for AliExpress invoice generation. We would totally recommend this for your all invoice related requirements. Since it comes with a trial version we would totally advise you to use it first in order to get an insight into the service.

Happy WooDropshipping!