Dropshipping Blog - The Reason Why Your Store Is Not Making Sales

Posting blog about the products on Dropshipping store can instantly build organic traffic on your site. Blog is surest way to convert visitors in customers.

Dropshipping blog is an informational post about your store’s products. Why do you need a blog on your dropshipping store? The reason is not any different than making more sales. If you have just purchased your new dropshipping store then there is a lot of potential ahead to make money. Firstly, you will need to show up on the internet and let people know that you exist. To do this, you will need to tell them about your products and your store. How to tell them that you have new products in your store? Let’s find out in this short guide.

What This Guide Includes:

  1. How To Write A Blog For Your Dropshipping Store?
  2. The Different Types Of Blogs And Choosing The Correct One
  3. How Long Should Your Blog Be?
  4. How To Get Discovered Online?
  5. Final Thoughts

Some Tips: How To Write A Blog For Your Dropshipping Store?

Every blog is different and important in its own way. It helps a lot to grow your business in a number of ways. Blogs are the surest way to get good traffic to your dropshipping store regardless if It is a new store or an old one. Every store is different, has its own niche, and offers information about all the products. By posting a blog on your dropshipping store you offer information and ideas to your customers which increases traffic and boosts sales.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind before you start writing about your store or the products. For example, posting blogs about your products can build organic traffic and makes you visible on the search engines. We have listed some tips on how to write a good blog post that will offer useful information to your customers while growing your audience.

Let’s find out what drives the sales and clicks on your dropshipping store and how you can boost your sales with the help of some simple tricks and tips.

Focus On The Visitors Of Your Store

Firstly, gain some insight into what your customers like the most. This will help you find out the products in your store that are bestsellers. Complete knowledge of your store will help you to write about it more clearly and it will also win your audience’s trust. In this way you are sharing valuable information about your business that is helping your visitors become customers.

Listen To Your Audience

Getting ideas from your audience is much more effective because you will find out what people are looking for and what type of products they need. By getting audience feedback you can know more about the trends and follow their requirements. It will be useful and could help you a lot in increasing your sales.

Be Consistent Towards Writing Blogs

Consistency is the key to your blog writing efforts because it takes time to develop a presence online. When you write blogs for your website on a regular basis, you will definitely get good traffic. Moreover, if you do not provide fresh content then it may harm your overall ratings. People can easily lose interest in your store over time, so be consistent and continue sharing your blogs.

Educate Your Customers

The most important reason for writing blogs on your dropshipping store is to educate your visitors about the products. If people do not know what your product can do or how it can be useful then they won’t buy it. Whenever you write a blog for your dropshipping store you can share all your ideas and sharing new things always helps to connect new people.

Be True About The Things You Write

Whatever you are writing about your store, be sure to write honestly and truthfully. Providing false information can have a negative impact on your store and you will lose your credibility in the future. So be sure about what you have written is true and based on facts.

Headings Should Be Attractive And Eye-catching

The complete blog has a number of headlines and all those headlines should be catchy. Whenever a person starts reading your blog, the main focus goes on the headlines of your blog. If you are having a good headline it will always be eye-catching and attractive towards your audience.

Keep It Short And Simple

Whatever you are writing, try to make it short because there are a few good reasons to do so. All the short blogs are easy to read and people like scanning and cramming useful information as fast as possible. Short and simple blogs are easily ranked and improve readability. Therefore, make it short and simple as it saves both yours and your reader’s time.

Clear And Easily Understandable

Make sure that the message you want to convey is clear immediately. Your dropshipping blog should be easily understandable, clear, and transparent. Briefly explain your blog’s topic in the beginning paragraph and then explain the points accordingly.

Use Easy Words - Avoid Jargons

Use simple words and sentences to explain or express yourself. Sometimes it gets hard to explain the technical features of a product in simple language but try to use them less. If you think that a certain word is difficult to understand then use its synonyms. Proper keyword research will help you in deciding your focus keyword that you should be using in your blog.

Variation of words

A blog that uses a monotonous tone will instantly become boring to read. Try using different terms and adding a variety of words. This will make your content easier, enjoyable, and satisfying to read. Limit the use of words like “and” and ‘too” as it makes sentences repetitive and unclear.

Dropshipping blog: The Different Types Of Blogs And Choosing The Correct One

There are different types of blogs that you can choose from when deciding to write one. The one that is best suitable for your dropshipping store, will depend on the purpose that you want it to serve.

  1. Newsjacking - a type of technique that bloggers use to increase traffic on their site by associating their product with a viral topic circulating on the internet. You have to keep an eye on the trending news and key phrases that can bring traffic to your dropshipping store. For example, some businesses exploited the coronavirus topic to newsjack and gain more audience to their websites.

  2. List posts - a type of blog that lists the benefits of a product. For example, a blog with the title “20 benefits of using XYZ brand cream to look younger”. This blog will have a list of 20 benefits that a specific cream provides to the user by briefly explaining each of the benefits.

  3. Pillar posts - a post that is about a specific topic and explaining it in as much detail as possible. Pillar posts are usually longer than most blog posts. You can write a Pillar Post if you want to talk about your business and why customers should choose you over the competition.

Dropshipping Blog: How long should your blog be?

Generally, a blog of 500 to 1000 words is enough for explaining the product’s features. If you are writing your product's description, and explaining the features then it should not exceed 1000 words. Blogs that compare two or more products and explain the advantages and disadvantages over the other may exceed 2000 words. Longer blogs are usually called “Pillar posts” and they need to be more comprehensive.

Dropshipping Blog: How to get discovered online?

Write Blogs about your products

Alright, now that you are ready to write your blog and detailed product description. Let’s begin drafting it. You will need some SEO tools like Yoast SEO that we will explain in the next section. For now, just begin with a draft of your blog.

We recommend that you use Google docs or Microsoft Word to draft your blogs. This will make it easier for you to access them later and copy the content to your WordPress. If you already have the Microsoft Office suite then you are ready to begin. But if you do not have it, then consider Google Docs because it is completely free and saves your content on the cloud.

How to get Google Docs?

You will need a google account to access the Google Docs from the app menu. If you do not have a Google account then you can create one now on www.google.com and it is free. Once you have completed all the steps of creating your account, head over to the right corner, and click on the cubicle icon. An app menu will open, then click on the “DOCS” with a blue document icon.

You will see a new page with an option to create a new blank document. That’s it, now you can draft your blog post on a new document and remember to give it a suitable title.

Use SEO optimization

Let’s just understand what SEO optimization is? It is a way of tweaking your dropshipping store’s web pages and adding certain keywords to your product description that are commonly used by people in the searches. For example, people searching for beauty products that make skin soft will find you on google, if you include keywords “beauty products that make skin soft” in your product’s description.

There are two types of SEO that are performed. The first is on-page which is done on your dropshipping store’s pages itself. The second is off-page which is done externally using backlinks. If you find these terms confusing then don’t worry. You just need to install a WordPress plugin to optimize the pages and it is completely free.

  • Yoast SEO plugin: Yoast SEO is a free plugin available for WordPress and all you need to do is install it. It will tell you the SEO score of your website and it is quite helpful when writing product descriptions.

*Google Trends: Google Trends is a keyword trend watching platform. The best part, it is also free and you can use it to find the search traffic for your product’s name and description. It can show the keyword related search trends according to the country or region.

Create Your Dropshipping Blog Post In WordPress

You have drafted your blog already in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Now that you know how to write a blog, let’s learn how to create a blog post in WordPress. It is as easy as importing and adding products to your dropshipping store. Just go to your WordPress dashboard and on the left panel click on Posts > Add New. A new page will open with a blank Title and paragraph like the following.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page then you will also see your Yoast SEO plugin. It will tell you the SEO and readability score of your blog.

Now copy and paste all the content that you wrote in the Google DOCS or Word file onto this page.

Congratulations! You have created your first blog.

Register your website on google console

The most important part of getting visible in the market is to register your property on google search console. What is it and how can it help you? Google will index your domain name once you register your website with them. This means, your dropshipping store will show up in google search.

To do this, all you have to do is to go to the link cited in the above paragraph and then click on “Get started”. You will see a new page like the following that will ask you to enter your dropshipping store’s name. Enter the URL of your store which looks like this - https://www.dropshippingstore.com/ in the left grey box field. You have now successfully registered your dropshipping store’s domain name on google. For further information go to - .

Share links of your store on social media

Social media is the perfect source of gaining instant traffic to your store. Once you have everything in place you can start sharing your dropshipping store’s link on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. We will talk about how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram soon in the upcoming section.

For now, let's just start by telling your friends that you have a new startup business. You won’t believe how much support they can offer by sharing your store’s link. This will definitely boost your new dropshipping store’s value and credibility.

Run Facebook and Instagram ads to increase traffic on Dropshipping Blog

To run ads on Facebook you will need to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager. It is a tool for creating, editing, and starting advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The manager is pretty easy to use and it is just like creating a new Facebook account. You will need to mention a few details about your business and you are set to go. The good thing about Facebook Ads Manager is that you can edit and manage ads on both mobile and desktop.

Dropshipping Blog: Final Thoughts

The success of your dropshipping business depends on the effort you put into it. The first step is to provide both quality and value to the customers. Your customers will assess the quality by using your products and reading informational content. The more knowledge you offer, the more value you provide to your customers.

If you already own a blog then you should definitely try our custom dropshipping store to monetize it. Dropshipping is one of the proven methods of making money online. To know more about what dropshipping is? Read our other post ‘Dropshipping 101”. You can instantly order your custom dropshipping store that will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

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