Trust Badges For Your Dropshipping Store - Increase Your Store Credibility

Best trust badges that increase your dropshipping store's credibility and increase conversion rate.

An abandoned cart is the worst nightmare for any dropshipper. And generally, buyers turning away from the check out page are mainly due to security concerns. The growing cyber threats across the world have concerned the customer base so deeply that recent studies show that people don’t prefer buying from an online store that does not appear secure. Customers are getting smarter day by day, most of them can just by looking judge whether a site is safe for a transaction or not. Therefore it is very important for a dropshipper to build credibility and trust between users and the store to increase the total conversion rate. There are many ways that help increase the reputation of a store.

Trust Badges

Trust badges are something that helps gain a buyer’s trust. These badges are generally displayed on the website pages and specific landing pages which ensures the buyer that the site is legit and it is safe to transact on that site. There are a number of different badges that are specifically designed for various security functions, these include some free badges as well as some paid ones.

Conversion rates highly depend upon brand recognition i.e., people trust those sites better which contains recognizable trusty brands. These trust badges generally have security measures in the back end which protects user’s sensitive data. It can be easily measured how secure a website is by looking at its URL. If the URL has a lock symbol on it, it means that the user’s data are encrypted.

Best Trust Badges

There are many badges that can improve your conversion rate, but these are some crucial ones that have some serious impact on conversion rate.

Payment badges have a huge impact on the credibility factor. Buyers trust sites that have familiar brand names. VISA, MasterCard and PayPal are some highly popular brand names that users trust. Having these badges on your checkout page would highly improve your credibility and decrease the bounce rate significantly. Research shows Visa and MasterCard are considered the most popular ones and PayPal as the most trusted one. Most of these are free to get but VISA does have a signup program that validates your site and gives you a Verified by VISA certificate.

Google Customer Review

Google trusted store is now changed into Google customer reviews. Google badges play a vital role in credibility. Google is quite popular and has a high level of credibility. Getting a verified badge from Google would highly reflect on your site’s trustworthiness. Google takes the reviews from your customers into consideration and based on that awards the badge. So it is one of the most recommended badge that should definitely be on your site. Along with the badge the star rating also highlights how your service and customer experience ranks among other similar stores.

Customer Satisfaction Badges

These Are some free badges that are not from any third party, instead, it highlights some extra features that improve customer trust and interaction with your site.

Money-Back Guarantee

This ensures customers that they don’t need to worry if they are not satisfied with the service.

Return Policy

This ensures that if the product is faulty or not as expected they can return the product free of cost

Free Shipping

This ensures that the customer doesn’t need to pay any extra penny for the shipping process.


The warranty for the service or product ensures the durability and quality of the product delivered are high.

Secure Checkout Badge

These are the badges that are obtained while signing up for SSL. These badges ensure that the connection between the buyer and seller is secure and all the information transferred is in encrypted form. This ensures the customer that their information such as card details and all other information are secure online and it is safe to transact with the site. This badge can be termed as the most important one because it is the most crucial badge that makes the site appear trustworthy. Symantec is considered No.1 in providing SSL badges.

These were some important badges that we would recommend you to add in your store in order to increase the credibility of the site. We believe this would definitely help you drive up your sales.

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