Social Media Marketing An Essential Part Of Your Dropshipping Business

Social media marketing plays a vital role in bringing your WordPress WooCommerce dropshipping store to the forefront.

Getting your store built is not the only step that is required to bring potential buyers to your store. You need to work hard in the marketing field to push your store ahead of the rest of the competition. And to be honest it is not an easy job to do. But there are are some tips and tricks that help ease the process to a great extent.

In this blog, we are going to focus on

  • What is social media marketing?
  • The main objective is social media marketing?
  • How to overcome them?

Social Media Marketing

As the name suggests the mode of getting your store and products promoted on social media platforms is known as social media marketing. Even though social media marketing appears to be an easy task compared to other ones it still involves complexity that needs to be properly handled to get desired results. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are commonly used for social media marketing. And it can be said that since these platforms have a huge number of users, getting potential buyers from these platforms can be easy if done right.

Main Objectives In Social Media Marketing

There are various objectives that need to be overcome in order to have a successful social media marketing campaign. Starting from

Aim: It is important to sort out our aim before proceeding further. You should know what you want to advertise on social media platforms. Are you going to promote your whole store, specific niche of products or a single product this should be answered in this step? Once you decide which one to market over social media move to the next step.

Targetted Audience: The next thing to do is to find your potential audience and target them specifically. Instead of just targeting a broad audience try for a more specific one or try retargeting options. This would yield better conversion rates and your investment in marketing would comparatively lesser.

Strategize: Once you got the idea about what you are going to promote and to whom you are going to target it then the next big step is to plan the whole marketing process. It is very important to have a clear big picture of what to do before implementing it.

Deciding The content For your Social media promotion

Content is the most important ingredient in your marketing game. It is what attracts and keeps your potential buyers engaged. Design your content keeping important factors in mind.

Professional Pics: get your products photographed in a professional manner, because of customers judge your product based on what they see. So having a top-class product image is a top priority.

Free giveaways: You could organize monthly or weekly giveaways that suits you. This helps in building awareness regarding your brand name among potential buyers. Also, you could ask your giveaway winner too write a review for your product.

Store or product-related news: You can keep your social media platform informative by adding information related to your store and get the audience relevant to your store. These audiences have a higher chance of getting converted as they have a relevant interest in the store.

PPC: Pay per click is the easiest way of promotion on social media, you just need to decide which post needs to get advertised along with the targetted audience rest is taken care of by the social media platform. This helps in the speedy delivery of your promotion to potential buyers.

Q&A Sessions: Organising Q&A sessions on the social media platforms can help in gaining valuable fan base as well as some important and valuable feedback from users regarding your store. You could use this information further to improve your store.

Facebook Marketing

On the Facebook platform, you can create your business page as well as use their paid promotion technique to promote your product over their platform. Since a vast majority of people are on facebook, getting relevant traffic is not that difficult in the case of facebook. The only drawback of this is that facebook promotion is limited to a paid one.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be used as a broadcasting medium for your marketing campaign. Getting your product or store promoted via twitter can be done using tweets on twitter that helps in reaching a wide range of audiences. Also, twitter provides stats for each tweet which can be quite useful in developing a strategy.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more of a visual marketing platform. You can use the advantage of these to get some valuable customers without paying the marketing price tag. Also, influencers on Instagram can help in promoting your product by recommending it to their followers. Some of these methods are free of cost whereas some require fess to get done.

Getting your marketing on social media platforms can be as rewarding as the rest of the methods if done properly. All you have to do is research properly about each platform and understand the tricks that work on them. Once mastered getting results from them is quite easy.

Happy WooDropshipping!

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