How To Make Money With Free Plus Shipping For Dropshipping Business

Dropshippers make huge profits by increasing their shipping prices. This is usually done to hide the cost of their products which they're selling.

Free Plus Shipping is the latest trend when it comes to running an online dropshipping business store. An e-commerce business store that carries free plus shipping is the one that sells the products to its customers totally free of cost.

Yes, totally free of cost, that is absolutely true but at the same time, it is equally significant to mention that you can earn really huge profits with your free plus shipping business. Now the question is that how is it possible that selling the products at zero price can render extremely huge returns?

How does common Ecommerce businesses operate?

A quite common method followed by any e-commerce business unit would be that if it is selling a product, it will charge the price of that product say it to be $5 and charge the shipping price with it let it be $2. Now, the total amount the customer needs to spend is $7 but the case with free plus shipping is somewhat different.

Here’s how free plus shipping works with Dropshipping business

The price is still the same, the customer will still have to pay $7 for free plus shipping but he would pay it rather happily. Yes, this time the $7 is considered to be the shipping charges solely. The supplier offers the products at $0.0 and charges $7 as the only shipping price.

This makes the customer happy as he thinks he is getting the products totally free and cool things, that too free are always welcomed. Right?

The scheme behind it is that the price of the product that is $5 is already included on the shipping charges. This method increases the profits of the supplier as well and the customer readily pays for the products taking them to be free.

Free plus shipping for Dropshipping business

Actually, the free plus shipping is a cunning trick used by entrepreneurs in which they sell the product for free but charge the shipping expenses from the customer or as they say the only shipping charges. The tactic used is that the cost of the product is already included in the shipping charges that the customer is willing to pay and that too happily.

Anybody would welcome trendy products when they come in return for nothing, as it seems. But, yes the but here is regarding the choice of the products you choose for free plus shipping. _Be careful. _Remember, all you have to earn is from your shipping charges itself so choose your products cautiously as it is the most crucial aspect of your business.

The free plus shipping business is really advantageous. Let us see how-

  • The very first reason is the keyword used ‘FREE’. Yes, the free products and that too trendy one excite everybody.
  • Marketing is necessary and if planned perfectly it can be made easy using social networking sites like Facebook.
  • If you carry your free plus shipping business with drop shipping, it can be a big hit for you as you do not need an inventory and it cuts down your costs.
  • If you manage your business properly but only after tremendous hard work and research, be ready to grab huge profits.
  • You can save much time as you do not need to invest your time in the maintenance of the inventory time and again.
  • You can offer a wide range of products without stressing yourself about the color, size and also introducing new products is not a big issue.

Free plus shipping for dropshipping business: A brilliant tactic to boost your sales

Free plus shipping for dropshipping business is an extremely successful tactic to attract the audience to your site and boost your sales at the same time.

I would suggest you to try it at least once with the “right products” and run a promo on your site to see what works well for you.

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