Instagram Marketing For Your Dropshipping Business- Social Media Marketing Strategies 101 For Droshipping

Learn to know why Instagram is the strongest marketing tool for entrepreneurs to grow their Dropshipping business.

You can use Instagram marketing as a social media marketing strategy for your dropshipping business. Instagram has millions of users today. You may be one of them, certainly. Post photos and videos on Instagram, right? Did you ever think that it can be used as a perfect marketing strategy for your dropshipping business?

Millions of people viewing your products. Won’t that enhance your sales volume? Making use of Instagram as a marketing strategy for enhancing your sales and profits is a pathway to successful dropshipping business. You just need to do some research regarding that and then go for a super successful business.

Here is a complete guide for you that would provide you with each and every aspect of using Instagram for dropshipping marketing.

Why should you use Instagram marketing for your Dropshipping business?

Wider user base

Instagram has nearly 500+ million active users, millions of daily active users and around millions of images and videos shared on Instagram each day. You may guess it can grab so many views and likes in a single day.

Thus, it can be beneficial to use Instagram Marketing for your Dropshipping business as a social media marketing strategy. It would be really promotional for your business as you may get higher audience coverage and an increased conversion rate.

All organic traffic: Less investment

If you are going really well, choosing the right niche, posting regularly on your Instagram account and answering the queries well; it could be the golden era of your business as there will be lots and lots of ‘organic traffic’ generated without paying a single penny.

Instagram has much more users than many other social media networks. Most of the potential buyers of US market are active users on Instagram so it can be a boost for your business.

Amazing right? There’s a lot more for enhancing your dropshipping business.

Advantage over the competitors

A survey proves that though, Instagram has millions of users however when it comes to business marketing, entrepreneurs still rely on Facebook and Twitter for marketing their business.

Only 2-3% business units use Instagram. Thus, you may have the advantage of facing less competition as most of your competitors may be using other social networking sites for promoting their products. Therefore, it would be perfect to use Instagram as a marketing strategy for your business.

Visual content is more effective

“Use a Picture. It is worth 1000 words.”

It is natural human behavior that visual images appeal to our mind more than the written words. The use of hashtags makes it easier to locate what the customer is actually looking for. Posting images and videos related to your product line along with your employees provides the users with a better insight and links your customers with your business in a better way.

No advertisement cost

Although you can carry on with the paid advertisement on Instagram, it’s not an issue if you don’t want to spend a single penny. The advertisement for your product line can be totally free with Instagram Marketing for your dropshipping business.

What else do you need?

Making so much of customers without spending something is good for anyone so don’t you think that it would be perfect to use Instagram as a marketing strategy for dropshipping.


It is quite easy to set up an Instagram account and then add posts of your products to it. You only need to follow a simple procedure and its done. This is the best thing about Instagram. Moreover, you could also set up a different business account for yourself which can be done quite simply.

So, there are so many benefits of using Instagram as a marketing strategy for your business. Its usability may help you to upgrade the level of your business and enjoy massive profits as well.

How to create your Dropshipping business account On Instagram?

  • First of all, you need to sign up for an Instagram account.
  • The next thing you need to do is choose a username for your account. It’s better to use your brand name as the username when you are using the account for business marketing.
  • You need to add a profile photo, a bio of nearly 150 characters and a link to your website. Remember, you can’t hide your bio from anyone so if you don’t want to show it, it is better to remove it.
  • Link your account to third-party sites like Facebook. The benefit of this is that you will get an option to share a post with the third-party site you are linked to from the same screen where you add a caption. You need to follow certain steps to do this.

Why is my Instagram marketing strategy for Dropshipping not working?

It may happen that you created your business account on Instagram. You did that to promote your business, enhance your sales and profits. Didn’t you?

But, suddenly you realize that it’s not working in your favor. If Instagram as a marketing strategy is working for others, it should work for you too. That means there are some defects in the usage of these strategies.

I have mentioned a few of them below for your better understanding.

Things you may be doing wrong in Instagram marketing for your Dropshipping business

No Uniqueness

One reason for the non-working of your Instagram marketing strategy may be that you are not providing the customers with something unique, something rare. Keep this in mind that many of the dropshipping retailers might be selling exactly same products that you are selling.

Being involved in the same product line may not be a problem but offering the ordinary products in the similar product line may pose a problem. To optimize the Instagram marketing strategy, you need to possess some uniqueness like these business units do.

Irregularity in posting content

Another defect in your strategy might be that you are not regular regarding posting content on your account. Posting your content weekly or after two or three days won’t work. Your customers need you to be quite consistent.

Simply stated, if you want more followers and more viewers to your products, it is necessary that you be quite regular with it. Irregularity may be a reason that Instagram as a marketing strategy may not be working.

Not accessible to public

You should never keep your business account private. You may use your private account the way you like but keeping your business account non-accessible to the public can never incur profits to your dropshipping business.

So, make sure your Instagram business account is always public.

Not using Instagram filters and tools

Instagram filters are there for a reason.

Adding images to your account may seem to be a quite ordinary task but when you are doing it for your business account instead, you need to be careful about the quality of images you are making use of. You may use various Instagram tools and filters to generate good quality images for your customers.

Lack of interaction

The more active you are on your Instagram business account, the better it gets for your business. You need to respond well to your customer queries if you want them to be your permanent ones. Just posting images won’t do. You need to serve your customers well.

Remember, that is the most important thing.

Not using hashtags properly

If you are not making use of hashtags properly, it would generate a big problem for your business. There are many instances where using of appropriate hashtags has proved to be very beneficial for business units.

Samsung, for example, tied up with five Influential Instagrammers who used Samsung Galaxy Note. They used the hashtag #benoteworthy to build an Instagram campaign which was strong and left a mark on people’s minds.

Tips to optimize your Instagram business marketing strategy

Using right hashtags

research shows that, post with at least one Instagram hashtag gets more engagement than a post without Instagram hashtag. Thus, using hashtags and more importantly the right ones can make your products visible to the targeted audience.

Just add a small caption and some hashtags to all the posts you create. These hashtags categorize the photos and videos and make it easy to optimize them. Using the right hashtags can benefit you much. Throwing any random hashtag at the end of your post won’t really do. So be careful with your hashtags.

You need to follow some guidelines for making the best use of hashtags like:

  • The hashtags must be relevant to the content.
  • Try to find out which hashtags have been used by your competitors.
  • Use hashtags that fit your brand.
  • Try to create your own branded Instagram hashtags.

Make the best use of Instagram tools

There are various Instagram tools that can be used to optimize your Instagram marketing technique like it allows users to e-mail, call or text the business. You just need to switch to a business account from your personal account as business profiles would unlock the access to insights and the ability to promote.

‘INSIGHTS’ would provide your business with information that who your followers are and which posts are being responded to better than the others.

‘PROMOTE’ allows you to change the most popular posts into adverts. Through adverts, you will be able to initiate your targeted audience just at the click of a single button.

Tempting Visuals

If you want your brand to be recognized easily by the users, you need to work on the visuals you use. Just adding visuals would won’t work. It is equally significant to make them noticeable.

This can be done by:

  • Using Instagram filters to create better visuals.
  • Try to be consistent with the color and the style of the visuals.
  • The quality of your visuals matters more than the quantity.
  • The captions around your visuals should not be too much to hide the influence of your visuals.

Involve Yourself

Getting involved with the users is the most important step, I would say.

Your followers would remember you if you are active on the social media. Engage yourself more and more with partners, bloggers and publishing networks you want to get featured into. If you want others to follow your content, you need to follow their content as well.

Starting username with brandname

Though it might not always be possible to do so, you should put in an extra effort to add your brand name in the very beginning as it would seem to be much more effective. Try avoiding the use of ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘only’ before your brand names and go straightaway for the name itself.

Take action at the perfect time

Posting your content when the users are most active may prove to be a boon for your business. Posting at that time would definitely generate more engagement and can even give you a shot at getting on the Instagram Explore Page.

Finding the right time to make your posts gain more engagement is not a big issue. Just follow the guide.

Instagram marketing for your Dropshipping business: Wrap up

Follow these guidelines, tips, and tactics to boost your Instagram marketing strategy for your dropshipping business. Using Instagram as a marketing strategy surely proves to be the best promotional tool for your business.

Let us know how it works for you. Happy Dropshipping!

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