Dropshipping is a well-accepted business model, and we all know that. Also, it can be said that the dropshipping business can be very profitable if some risks and dangers involved in this business model are handled efficiently. Some of these risks has the ability to pull down your whole dropshipping business in a short period of time. Therefore these risks shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

These pitfalls are everywhere, right from the beginning when you select a supplier for your products to the last step where your customers are satisfied with your product. In some cases, pitfalls exist even after the last step.

We have prepared a list of common dropshipping mistakes that you should be aware of so that you don't face problems while building your dropshipping store.

1.Bad dropshipper – Supplier relationship

The whole dropshipping process starts right when you select a supplier or manufacturer for your product. Therefore it is very important to select the right and genuine supplier who can full fill your orders without fail.

Bad supplier leads to bad customer relationship and future hindrance in the long run. Many complicated issues arise due to bad selection which leads to a decline in your company’s brand name and value. Customers always want the best product for their bucks so it becomes your responsibility to provide the best quality product available in the market to build a good customer relationship with your brand.

2.Poor shipping techniques

Whole shipping trend has changed across the world, companies like Amazon offering one day delivery of products have increased the expectations of consumers. It is very important to provide customers with a high quality, fast and trackable delivery options because customers after placing an order expect to get recent updates of their products. Poor delivery will ultimately affect your brand name and revenue. Delivery of wrong or damaged product would lead to reshipment of the product, that means this time you have to pay for the shipment. So, it is always advised to have a reliable and quality shipping medium, so that the process of reshipment can be avoided to a great extent.

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3.Establishing your brand

It is very important to connect your product with your brand. Visual representation is key player in this process, products customized specifically for your brand would help distinguish your product from rest similar looking products in the market and also give it a premium touch. This would help customers to link the product with your brand which would automatically help in improving your brand value. Providing free goodies along with the products representing your brand name will help in promoting your brand.

Research shows that consumers prefer goods that are well packed and look premium. Designing packs specifically for each product will help boost your brand.

Customize your dropshipping website in such a way that it gives a good user experience to the customer visiting it.

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4. Not taking responsibility

In the dropshipping business, it is quite common to take responsibility for errors committed by others. This mainly includes mistakes committed by the supplier by delivering poor quality products or damaged ones. Also, sometimes error caused by shipment agents also leads to taking responsibility for, because at the end of the day you are working to improve your brand awareness and value so it becomes your duty to take the responsibility for the betterment of the company.

Not taking responsibility leads to bad customer relationship with your company, which should be avoided at any cost.

5.Selection of right products

Selecting the correct product is as important as selecting a good supplier. A product with low market demand will not produce any sales no matter hard you try. Therefore products should always be selected based upon different factors like market demand, Rate of return, relevancy and other important aspects. Always select products that are trending because they have the least risk factor, and they provide sales easily. Research the new trends and products in the market and change your online inventory accordingly.

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It can be said that dropshipping is not as easy as it looks, it requires a good level of dedication to run a dropshipping business effectively. These above-mentioned risks or pitfalls are some of the common dropshipping mistakes, that need to be addressed properly in order to have a successfully running business model.

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Happy WooDropshipping.