Home Decor Dropshipping- A Step By Step Guide To Dropship Home Decoration Accessories

Everything you need to know about home decor dropshipping. Find top selling items to dropship for home decor niche and make profit. Trending furniture items and accessories for selling.

Finally, decided on a niche for your online dropshipping store? Even if you are still struggling with making a decision then “Home Decor” is a good choice if you want to dropship home decoration accessories. Let's find out the answers to some questions:

What are home accessories?

Home decor or accessories are items related to furniture in your home such as curtains, table cloths, cushions, wall stickers, lamps, creative LED lights, vases, objects of interest, metal trays, baskets, art objects, etc. The list is endless and there is always more to explore. As a dropshipper, there is an opportunity for you to tap into this market.

Why should dropshippers sell home decor?

The revenue from the furniture and homeware market is expected to hit approximately US $700 billion by 2023. In the US it is expected to grow in the upcoming years and increase with 4.3% by 2024. Therefore, opening a home decor or furnishings store can be a profitable business venture in the subsequent time. Based on statistics, this is an opportunity that must be grabbed as soon as possible. In recent years, development in the real estate industry has expanded the scope of the home decor market which is facilitated by globalization. Ecommerce websites such as AliExpress has made the availability and accessibility of these products much easier.

Dropshippers who want to make huge sales while expanding their network and profits should consider exploring the home decor niche. A growing number of people are preferring eco-friendly products. These products have minimal impact on the environment which boosts market growth. This means, presently, dropshippers have a wider public sphere available for engaging customers and support environmental sustainability.

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Are home decor stores profitable?

The first thing that people look for when buying home decor is the furniture and then comes the decorative items. Furniture is the most important part of a home. A home looks incomplete without a good quality furniture such as sofas, beds, chairs, cabinets; in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The decorative items include vases, wall clock, wall art, paintings, rugs, curtains, etc.

According to the data available on Statista, the value of the home decor market in the US has been increasing from the past couple of years. You can see the graph below which shows a surge in 2023, the forecast is expected to be US $232 billion.

Therefore, we can conclude that your home decor dropshipping business has a negligible risk of failing. You can make a fortune with your business if proper marketing techniques with social media advertising, customer servicing skills, and attractive user experience design is implemented.

What is inspiring customers to purchase?

Ecommerce has changed the way people shop over the internet. Nowadays, consumers prefer to shop on online retail platforms where they can easily find what they are looking for with just a click of a button or a tap of a finger, thanks to the advancements in information technology. Targeted ads and social media marketing has made it possible for sellers to reach a wider audience. Readily available stocks with discounts and other promotional offers inspire customers to buy online and get the items shipped directly to their doorstep. This saves a considerable amount of time for consumers falling short on it but working to spend the extra time decorating their homes instead of traversing the real market.

Is 2023 a good year for dropshipping home decor?

The statistics tell us that the total revenue generated from the home decor market in the US will increase in 2023. This increase will follow up in the upcoming years as well. Moreover, the disposable income of people in the US is also expected to increase by the end of this year. The lifestyle of people has improved and we have seen more people migrating to urban areas to find better job opportunities and higher living standards. Sequentially, the migration has a positive impact on the number of homeowners and leaseowners which increased significantly. These homeowners and leaseowners need furniture and decorative items for home improvement. Therefore, dropshippers should not want to miss this opportunity and set their ships ready for sailing.

Trending products in the home decor niche: Top-selling items that you must add to your store

Wall Clocks

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophrastus. A wall clock not only tells us time but also improves the ambiance of the space around it. There are many creatively crafted and decorative wall clocks available on AliExpress that you can offer to your customers.

LED Lamps

Lamps and night lights greatly enhance the appearance of a room when combined with patterns and colors of furniture. You can find led desk lights, smart touch-sensitive quantum lamps, mini night lights, sensor-controlled lights, and many more on the AliExpress website.

Wall Stickers

Decal stickers or transfer stickers easily stick to a wall and are printed with creative and beautiful designs. Find many types of 3D or 2D wall stickers or decals on AliExpress that you can add to your store which your customer would not want to miss. Wall stickers are fast sellers in the dropshipping business.

Posters and Calligraphy

Posters or paintings printed on a high-quality paper are available on AliExpress that you can dropship to your customers. Find hundreds of products under this section with movie posters or other highly creative printed paintings and calligraphy. Usually, customers will buy these for their bedroom or living space.

Statues and Sculptures

Sculpture art is a great way to express emotions, feelings, and personality. They do not only enhance the visuals of a room but also complement the color and style of furniture. One of the most selling items that almost all homeowners own is the laughing buddha. There are plenty of figurines and statues available on AliExpress that you can add to the creative visual decoration category in your store.

Artificial Flowers

In the modern world, there is a shortage of time to take care of all the daily chores. The lack of time brought artificial flowers and plants in the market that do not need any watering or caring. In addition to serving in enhancing the look and feel of a room or a space, artificial flowers have many positive uses in decoration.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes that save space and to keep utensils or stationery items organized can add to the home decor as an accessory that people would love to buy. You can find many different types of boxes to keep shoes, clothes, jewellery, stationery, clothes, hand towels, fruits, etc. AliExpress has a collection of visually appealing storage boxes that improve the look and feel of a room.


Crystals and rhinestones are top sellers of all time. They can be kept under a surface glass or in a glass jar to match the style of furniture and lights. Stones are never going out of fashion in the home decor market. Customers may also use these for decorating outer space of their homes.

Candle Holders

A perfect candle holder, placed on a table, hung on a wall, or any corner of the home can enhance the beauty of candles and brighten up the space and lighting. These are essential items of home decor that you don’t want to miss adding to your store. Candles are usually considered for bringing up a romantic taste to a place when combined with creativity and flowers. You can find wooden, metal, plastic candle holders designed and crafted creatively on AliExpress that can help elevate the mood of anyone looking for decorating their home.


A vase is a decorative art piece, made of clay or glass, that is used to hold cut flowers. Usually, a vase won’t have any handles. Browse through a wide collection of modern 3D vases that are creatively designed to enhance the look of a furniture and used for decorating corner shelves and tables

These are some of the top-selling items in the home decor niche that you must add to your store. Don't forget to read our other blog on strategies for selecting and filtering out some of the best products from AliExpress. We hope you make a fortune for yourself by tapping into the home decor market. Happy WooDropshipping!

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