How To Create A Successful Dropshipping Business With Facebook Ad- Hacks To Boost Your Sales

In this post, you’ll come to know how you can create a successful Dropshipping business with Facebook Ad hacks to reach a larger audience and boost your sales.

In this post, I’ll share how you can create a successful dropshipping business with Facebook Ad hacks to reach a larger audience and boost your sales.

Do you know an average of 1.3 billion people use Facebook every day? If you have tried Facebook Ads, I am sure you know the power of this Social Media site. However, things may not have worked out that well or the results weren’t that great.

Let me tell you something.

You’re not the only one and this can happen with just about anyone. It’s okay to accept the mess and learn from your mistakes. And, I am here to help you do just that.

After going through this post, you’ll be able to create Facebook Ads that’ll work for you just fine and increase your ROI as well.

So, shall we get started now?

The best facebook ad hacks to create a successful ad campaign (that works for your business)

1. Visual appeal is important for your ad

The image is the first thing any user will notice about your Facebook Ad. While some industrial insiders suggest you to use the product pictures with high-quality professional photography, there is more to it. Here are a few key points you must consider while selecting the image for your Facebook Ad:

  • Use high-resolution and professional quality images.
  • Pick the right colors for the image.
  • Try adding some text to your images like “Sale”, “Free Shipping” or anything that sparks user interest.
  • Add emotions to your image by showing happy people using your product or service.
  • Select an image frame or a border that will make the image look more eye-catching and attractive to your potential consumer.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert. You can use online Graphic Designer software like Canva which makes design simple for everyone. Now, you can make the most complex designs easily in a few minutes.

Now, let’s move to the next important part.

2. Create an ad copy with a clear goal and message

Ad Copy is the text that is displayed in your Facebook Ad which includes the headline and description. You get a few characters. Use it wisely. Have a clear goal in your mind and write an Ad copy to communicate the message clearly.

They have seen your Ad. Now, what’s next?

Influence your customers by adding Call to Action words like Click Here, Learn More, Buy Now, Shop Now, Sign Up Today and more to help your customers act upon seeing the Facebook Ads.

3. Target the right audience

So, you had a great plan with high-quality images and great ad copy content but it still didn’t work. What went wrong? I think you didn’t select the right audience. For instance, if you’re selling Women’s clothing, there is no point in showing the Ad to Men. Right?

You must research and select the right demographics for your Facebook Ad. Remember you’ll have to create different ad sets and see what works best for you. There is simply no shortcut for that.

Here are the demographics you must consider.

  1. Age: You should select the appropriate age range for your audience to get the maximum conversion for your Ad.​
  2. Gender: Focus on the gender that’ll convert more for your product or service.
  3. Country and Region: This is very important to consider. Are you targeting a particular region or a whole country? I would suggest creating sets for different regions to see which area brings the most conversions for you.
  4. Ad Placement: Facebook gives you options to place your Ad. It could come up on the news feed, right-hand side, Instagram or your audience network. Run your ad for a few days and see which placement works best for you. Then, exclude the ones that are not right.

Yes, it is that easy once you get the hang of it.

4. Get pixel: facebook conversion tracking tool

Pixel is a conversion tracking tool that can help you get deep insight into your customer behavior, ad conversions and more. You can get the tool from Facebook Ad Manager. It’s free to get and use for Facebook Ad Optimization.

Further, it can also help you to get better audience for your product and provide valuable information regarding your ad campaigns.

5. Keep track of your competitors for valuable information

You must keep track of your competitors’ Facebook Ad Campaign for utilizing their information to make your ads better. Try looking for the right and wrong in their ad. While you can implement the right things in your ad, you can also use their wrong to your advantage.

This will give you an edge over the competition instantly reducing your competition and improving your conversion rate as well.

6. Test your heart out and find the best strategy for your business

No, I am not asking you to spend millions on Facebook campaigns. Nonetheless, you’ll have to test different ad sets to see what works for you and what fails for your dropshipping store. Analyze your data carefully and make the best use of it.

Once you recognize what works and what doesn’t, you can tweak a bit here and there to improve your conversions and boost business revenue for your dropshipping store with Facebook Ad.

In Summary

Now, I can go ahead and write a whole ebook about it. But I want to keep it minimal for you. With these effective Facebook Ads, you’ll definitely see an improvement in conversions and increase in profits.

However, you must keep your patience to figure out the best practices and strategies for your dropshipping store. Like every business is different, strategy for every business is unique as well. I hope this post was helpful for you.

Do you think I missed out a very important Facebook Ad hack? Well, do share it in the comment section below and help out fellow dropshippers.

Till Next Time. Happy WooDropshipping!

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