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Find top selling items in the jewellery niche for your online store. Add best items in your online jewellery store. Dropship jewellery from Aliexpress wholesale market.

Why do people wear jewellery?

In the prehistoric tribes, jewellery was crafted from seashells, feathers, leather, and metal. The role of jewellery has been significant for thousands of years. jewellery such as gemstones was also used for trading and barter.

During the ancient times the jewellery, mostly gold ornaments, was the status symbol of pharaohs in Egypt, kings, and emperors that ruled around 5000 years ago. The gold ornaments, precious jewels, and stones are still being discovered by archeologists from the ruins of pyramids, monuments, and other physical remains. jewellery was used to express wealth, status, luxury, and the importance of power.

We have seen jewellery been worn mostly by women throughout the short history but now the trends are changing. Nowadays, Men can also be seen breaking the patterns and expanding their jewellery culture from watches and cufflinks to necklaces, diamond and gold earrings, piercings, etc.

jewellery is a way of expressing ourselves, it gives us an identity, adds charm to our personality, and adorn our bodies to bring extra beauty to life.

Why to Dropship jewellery Online?

As a jewellery dropshipper, selling jewellery online will help you focus on the marketing and eliminate the process of manufacturing and merchandising. In the US, revenue from jewellery is expected to grow in the upcoming years. In 2023, the revenue amounts to approximately US $18.8 million. China tops the list of revenue generation by US $19.3 million putting US, Russia, UK, Germany on the second, third, and fourth spot respectively.

The traditional luxury items such as necklaces, earrings, and rings are never going out of fashion. Moreover, new trends and styles are introduced to the market frequently to compete and expand the customer base and interest. This niche has a strong foothold in the market and is not going out of fashion any time soon.

Who will buy jewellery? Target the right audience.

Pitching your product to the right audience is really important which brings us to understand the psychological reason behind wearing jewellery and ornaments as described by Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs (Depicted in the levels of the pyramid below).

If you are/were a business student then you already know what is a Maslow’s pyramid. Once the basic and psychological needs are met people tend to move up the hierarchy to satisfy their self-fulfillment needs (achieving one’s full potential, doing creative activities, hobbies, etc.).

Looking at the pyramid gives us an idea of how the market is segmented between different groups. Offering your products to people who are fulfilling their basic needs is a bad idea, they will hardly listen to you. Instead, find customers who have psychological and self-fulfillment needs. Wearing jewellery is a form of art, people tend to be highly creative when they are dressing up and matching their style. For example, at wedding parties, events, casual social gatherings, etc. Therefore, sell the right product to the right audience.

Top Selling jewellery Items on AliExpress for Dropshipping at Wholesale Price

Stud Earrings

As the name suggests, a stud earring is a small piece of jewellery that is worn in the ear(s). There are an enormous number of stud earrings available on AliExpress wholesale market that are top sellers in dropshipping business. Customers from all age groups love to buy and wear earrings as a fashion statement.

Pendants & Necklaces

There are many awe-inspiring pendants and necklaces available on AliExpress for dropshipping that will give your customers a luxury feel. The designs are so creative and visually appealing that your customers would not want to miss any of them.


A ring is that accessory looking at which you instantly know if a person is married. It is circular in shape and has no beginning or end which symbolizes infinity and eternal love. The type of ring you wear on a finger, tells a lot about a person’s personality. You can find many beautiful and creatively designed rings on AliExpress.


A bracelet, just like a wristwatch, is worn around the wrist. Silver and gold are the common material used to make a bracelet and bangles (also a form of bracelet). You can find a lot of different designs of bracelets made of metal, leather, gold plated, steel, or natural materials. Some young people wear bracelets to support a social cause or as a fashion statement.

jewellery for Hair

Clippers with beads and gemstones, headbands, tiaras, hairpins are all examples of accessories available for styling hairs.

Checklist 🗹 (Before You Start Dropshipping jewellery)

🗹 Brand name

Decide a name for your new jewellery dropshipping business. Choosing a brand that is easy to remember for your customers is a good idea.

🗹 Find the Right Supplier

Choose a seller on AliExpress that is reliable with good feedback and quick response time.

🗹 Find the Right Products

Select products carefully, avoid cheap and low-quality items at all costs that you will usually come around in the wholesale market on AliExpress. You can also refer to our other blog to read 9 strategies for selecting the best product for your dropshipping business.

🗹 Pricing Strategy

Your pricing should be based on a strategy that covers up the shipping costs and your margins when you arbitrage.

🗹 Marketing and Promotion

Promoting your online jewellery dropshipping business through social media advertisements on Facebook and Instagram can work wonders and help you reach a wider audience. You can learn more about social media marketing here.

Tips for Dropshipping

Well defined niche, product research, attracting new potential customers through social channels will help you get ahead in the game. Consistency is key to successful sales and target the right audience to grow your business.

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