Can I Dropship from My Country- Is It Possible? Know How It Will Work For You

Yes! You can start dropshipping from any part of the world. AliExpress sellers don’t really care where exactly do you live. You just need a strong Internet connection to run your store.

Can I dropship from my country?

Living in US, India or Europe? That’s not an issue because it has nothing to do with your dropshipping business. Dropshipping from your country is possible, without a doubt. It is quite common to think about the effect your location poses on your dropshipping business.

To solve all your queries and doubts, let us go through the related aspects once.

Working Of Dropshipping Model

Let’s see the common business model first:

Consider two companies, say company ‘A’ and company ‘B’. Now, both the companies want to deal with each other. Company ‘A’ is a selling company and company ‘B’ is the buying one. Company ‘A’ needs to have a stock or inventory to sell it to company ‘B’. This is a normal procedure to which we all might be quite familiar.

But, the working of dropshipping is very different.

In this case, there will be two companies as before. Company ‘A’, the seller and company ‘B’, the buyer but now you enter as a dropshipper. As dropshipping is an online model, what you need to do is display the products of company ‘A’ at your website, company ‘B’ will now place the orders with you and not directly with company ‘B’.

It will pay you the whole price, you can keep your profit margin with you and the rest goes to our seller company. All the packaging, delivery was done by the seller company. You were just there to facilitate the deal between both the companies.

Can I dropship from my country?: what can we conclude from the given instance?

No worries about a physical setup

You are the dropshipper, you own a web store. You display the products of some other company or say seller on your store and that too an online store. The best part is you don’t have a physical store to accomplish your business activities. You can choose the suppliers wisely and then all you need to do is show their products as yours.

Do you still think your location matters? Don’t you think dropshipping from your country is possible? It would have mattered if you had a physical set up, obviously as only limited customers would approach you but now, everything is different.

Non performance of any physical action

You need not perform any physical activity for your dropshipping business. Also, you will not meet the customer or the supplier in person. You will not pack and deliver the products on your own. In fact, you will not see the products you are selling even once.

What else do you need? Your efforts have been reduced to a great extent, haven’t they? Do you still think dropshipping from your country is impossible?

Your residing location doesn’t matter

The supplier lives in US, you live in India and the customers at different places. Everything goes online. The customer places an order, you pass the order to supplier and supplier ships the products. Did your residing location matter at all? Why will it? Neither the supplier needs to come to you, nor the customer.

You just need a good internet connection and its done. Live at any place and earn huge profits. Thus, you can carry on dropshipping from your country without a single thought.

Fulfilling legal formalities

There are not many legal formalities required to be fulfilled if you are importing items from AliExpress. There is no need of signing any legal contract or going through many details, you just need to place your order on it and it’s done.

Payment issues

There are so many payment modes available. You need not stick to a single payment mode. There will be at least a single payment mode out of so many modes available that will work within your domestic limits.

So, it is recommended to add more than one payment mode to your store so that you may carry on your dropshipping business without any hindrances.

Can I dropship from my country? Dropshipping from your country is possible: editor’s note

I hope things seem much easier now. As you know that there are no such obstructions related to your location when it comes to dropshipping, so just go for it without a single doubt.

All the best for your new venture and subscribe to our blog for the latest tips and tricks to enhance your dropshipping business.

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