Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You may use it as a personal medium to connect with your friends or as a business marketing platform for your dropshipping store.

Hashtag is the central element of Instagram which if used correctly can help you garner more likes and drive huge traffic to your posts and eventually your store. While it may seem a very easy job to do, it really isn’t. For people just starting out with Instagram, it is even more of a confusing task.

So, in order to make things easier and more comprehensible for all dropshippers, I will share hacks to find the best hashtags for your dropshipping store and additional tips to use Instagram effectively to drive traffic and boost revenue for your business.

Shall we get started?

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Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: what should you do first?

Set up your business profile on Instagram

Just like Facebook Business Page, you should also set up your business profile on Instagram if you haven’t already. Having a business profile lets you have a deep insight and stats for your viewers and enables you to run promotions strategically for posts and even your business profile.

There is a lot you can do with Instagram and here’s why you should get started right away.

Statistics to prove why Instagram should be a part of your business marketing strategy:

  • Instagram has 25 Million+ business profiles worldwide which includes all kinds of businesses and brands.
  • There are more than 2 Million advertisers using Instagram to share their stories, posts and drive traffic to their business.
  • There are more than 200 Million active Instagram accounts and all these people visit at least one business account each day.
  • Stories are the Instagram equivalent of Snapchat stories that vanish after 24 hours. One-third of the most viewed Stories posted on Instagram are from the businesses.
  • Moreover, there has been an 80% increase in time spent watching video posts on Instagram.

There you have it. All the reasons why you shouldn’t wait anymore and get started with Instagram today.

Now, let me show you how you can set up your business profile on Instagram

It is very easy to create your business profile on Instagram. Just follow the below steps and you’ll be good to go:

  • Download the Instagram App from App Store or Play Store. Once it is installed, tap on the icon to launch Instagram.
  • Tap on Sign up. Now you can either Sign Up with your email or Log in directly with your Facebook Account.
  • Once done, move to settings. Scroll to find Switch To Business Profile and click the icon.

Remember, your profile must be Public. Private accounts cannot switch to business profile.

  • Now, click on Continue as and Connect Your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Account.
  • Click Next.
  • Next, Share your business email, Phone Number and your location. If you have a physical store, sharing your exact location will help people identify and track your store in the physical world as well. This information will be visible to all your followers and viewers on Instagram.
  • Next, click Done. A popup message saying “Welcome to Instagram Business Profile” will display on your screen. Click OK to view your new Instagram Business profile.
  • For looking at the stats, click on the top right stats icon (vertical lines) next to your business name. Here, you’ll find the important information about your followers including their geographical location, age and other demographics.
  • From Settings, go to Edit Profile. Here you can edit the username, your dropshipping store website, and other contact information.

And that is all. Your Business Profile is all set and ready to go. All you have to do now is post the content you’d like to see in your feed and get quality followers for your store.

For this purpose, you must use relevant hashtags that will help people discover your brand and products easily from the explore and discover section on Instagram.

Hashtags when used in a right manner can help people find your store and increase your business revenue as well. For this purpose, you must focus on using the already trending Instagram Hashtags on your post. You can find the most popular Instagram Hashtags for your dropshipping store on Websta.

Websta is an online Instagram viewer that keeps a track of the top hashtags on Instagram at all times. Even if you memorize 10 of those keywords, you’re sure to be found by new people each day.

You can also find the best 100 Hashtags for your dropshipping store to kickstart your Instagram journey.

Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: use local hashtags

While it may not seem like an obvious choice, you must use Local Trending Hashtags to garner more audience from the target location. This is an easy way for audience to discover your brand and purchase your products.

For instance, if you’re posting the picture of Eiffel Tower on your account, you can use hashtags like #EiffelTower #paris #europe #eiffel #tower #igersparis #parisjetaime #parisian #parisienne, etc.

You can discover the local hashtags with a quick search on Instagram and you can find all the related tags on the top of explore screen as well.

There is always something new and trending going on in the world. Analyze what’s happening in the part of the world where your viewers are and post user-generated trend with trending topic hashtags to gain more traffic for your store.

It’ll not just help people in discovering your brand but also improve business-customer relations when you’ll post content relevant to them.

Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: different day, different hashtags

Each day has their own hashtags on Instagram. This is one of the best Instagram Hacks to drive more traffic to your Business profile. All you have to do is make use of these existing hashtags and post high-quality images to go along with your post.

Using these hashtags can make all the difference it is required to increase your brand awareness and recognition which will keep bringing your followers back to your account.

Here is a quick beginning 7 day guide for you:

#MondayMotivation for Monday

#MondayMotivation is a popular hashtag you can use with an inspirational or motivational quote to begin the day and share some positive vibes with your followers.

Need More?

Here are a few more Monday Hashtags you can use for posts on Monday:









#TransformationTuesday for Tuesday

#TransformationTuesday is a great hashtag you can use to share the “before/after” posts or any other transformation journey photos on your account. There are a few more Tuesday hashtags you can use to stand a chance of being discovered by new instagram accounts.

Let’s see some more hashtags for Tuesday Posts:






#WellnessWednesday for Wednesday

This is a popular trending #WednesdayHashtag that you can use with a post that promotes healthy living and a good lifestyle. There are other popular and common hashtags as well that you may use for your Wednesday posts.

Some of them are:








#ThrowbackThursday for Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday or #tbt requires no introduction. This hashtag can be used to share an old memory or an old post that did quite well. For instance, if you own a clothing fashion store, you can use a famous retro style clothing pic and share the good old days’ memories with your followers.

As a result, your post will also appear in other people’s newsfeeds making your brand presence more stronger on Instagram. You may also use few other hashtags like:









#FlashbackFriday for Friday

#FlashbackFriday is an equivalent of #tbt for Friday. In case you missed out on your #tbt post, you can use this hashtag with a cherished memory or a nostalgic flashback post. It is also a great way to show a personal side of your business.

Yes, you can share something about the people behind running the profile or what got you started in the first place. The ideas are just endless.

Here are a few of them to get you started:

















There are tons of combinations. Try out for yourself and you’ll be amazed with #fridayhashtags.

#SaturdayNight for Saturday

Weekend can get you many likes and reposts. So, you must use these hashtags wisely to appear on top of the searches for the relevant tags. Let me share a few more hashtags for your Saturday posts.








#SundaySelfie for Sunday

Sunday Selfie is a very popular hashtag you can use to share selfies while having fun during the weekend. Few other hashtags are shared below:








Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: create your own hashtag

One of the best ways to increase your brand recognition and make your online presence felt is by creating your own hashtag. While initially only you will be using this hashtag on each post, as your brand will grow more and more people will recognize this hashtag as your brand’s presence on Instagram.

For instance, if your store is called “ABC” you must define a hashtag called #ABC which will represent your brand and products on the social media platform. Also, it is a great way for your followers to use your hashtag if they wish to share about you on their instagram account.

Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: create promotional hashtags for your Dropshipping store

Another way to engage your existing audience is by creating promotional discounts on Instagram. You can make exclusive Discount codes for your instagram followers and ask them to follow a certain steps to avail the discount coupon.

For instance, suppose you have a jewellery dropshipping store. Now, take any bestseller product for your giveaway and make a hashtag around this competition. Then, ask your followers to repost with promotion hashtag, your brand hashtag and then tag two of their friends in the post.

In this manner, more people will learn about your product and may become your followers if they like the products you’re selling.

Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: more hacks to make Instagram marketing a success

While hashtags are the backbone of Instagram marketing, there are definitely other things you must keep in mind while using Instagram for business. I’ll share a few more hacks to make your AliExpress dropshipping business shine the brightest in others’ newsfeed.

Use aesthetically pleasing photos

“People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, which includes content from brands and businesses.”

You must use high-quality and aesthetically pleasing photos on your Instagram Business profile. Photos that look great garner more likes and are reposted or shared more by the people. Further, you should also take care of the filters that you use on each picture on your profile.

Try to keep a cohesive look about your brand so that your followers can recognize your post in a single glance on their newsfeed.

Partner with the right influencers

To reach a larger audience in lesser time you can partner with the right influencers for your niche. Now, it is very important to find the right influencer. By right I mean an influencer who is related to your niche and shares complementary products that are relevant for your business.

Many businesses partner with the influencers who are from another niche and incur loss because of the wrong target audience. To find the right influencer for your brand, you should check which Influencer is followed by the target audience and partner with them for maximum conversions.

Remember, there might be a few influencers who will agree to partner up for a free product and an affiliate commission. However, a few of them might ask for a heads up fee to sponsor your product. It is upto you to decide the best for your dropshipping store.

Post video content on your Instagram account

As discussed earlier, there has been an 80% increase in the time spent on viewing videos on Instagram. You know what these means right? As a dropshipping business owner, you have to take advantage of this stats and post more video content on your Instagram profile.

Further, you should make use of Instagram stories to share sneak peaks of upcoming products, promotions and discounts on your dropshipping store. Another great way to add a fun element is by using Boomerang feature which is a cross between an image and a GIF on Instagram.

Post your media at high-traffic times

Time is of essence when you publish any new post. There may be a possibility that you are catering to an audience living in a different location of the world. In that case, you must post your media according to their timezone.

The best time to publish any post is before and after the work hours as people are most socially active at that point during the day.

Find best hashtags for your Dropshipping store: quick round up

Instagram is a great place to increase your brand recognition and be found by around 200 million+ active users who are known to visit at least one business account each day. It is a great time to be on Instagram and start if you haven’t already.

As you’ll go along the way, you’ll discover even more Instagram hacks and ways to boost your sales through Instagram. Until then, you can use this quick guide to get a headstart quickly for your dropshipping store.

In case you have any questions, drop a quick comment below. I’ll be happy to help.

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